A well-deserved success

In May, June and July 2019, one of the biggest annual projects of Israel took place in Bulgaria. A year earlier, after a strong competition, ISCO Tours had been chosen to be the DMC responsible for the whole local organization up to even the smallest details - itinerary, hotel in Plovdiv, transportation, local guides, dinners, different shows every night after dinner, preparation and tasting of local dish called 'banitsa', etc.

The thank-you letter that we received from our partners Ophir tours - one of the biggest travel companies in Israel, warmed our hearts. It is always inspiring to hear that your hard work is appreciated. It wasn't easy for us either but thanks to the good cooperation with our Israeli partner, the project was a success.

The ISCO Tours team always strives to provide the best service and to be always there for clients and partners. We believe this is the only way to turn our passion into an invaluable experience for our guests.

Pictures of unforgettable moments - coming soon!


Dear Dobi, Isaac and all ISCO team,

Finally, we are in the last days of the "GIMLIADA" project. It wasn’t an easy project but we did it with wonderful support from you all the way.

I would like to thank you for your efforts, the hard job and the time you spend in order that everything will work.
Again, thank you so much. I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided us and your warm hospitality.
I am sure we will have some more projects in the future together.


Thank you for being a loyal partner for us in Bulgaria.
Wish you all the best!

Aharona Benimont Herscovici
Groups and organized tours – manager


Touring is our passion, giving the best service is our mission,
so we compromise with quality under no condition!


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We provide the best service: we cater for you, we pamper you, we cultivate your insatiable appetite for more of what we offer!



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"Hi Doby It's time to lay back and remember how wonderful was our trip to Bulgaria and how staying with you full 3 days made our trip so much better and full with overwelming adventures. Your sensitivity, good humor, educated knowledge, patience and warm humanity were clearly the qualities that made our tours so professionaly executed to the details and therefore so spotless. We are very thankfull for all the great moments and the good tips, which we took seriously even after we departed from you. ... We have started already planning our next trip to Bulgaria..... Untill we meet again, keep up with the good work you do (Nathan will follow up with pictures later on...). Hugs & kisses from Israel, Dalia (& Menachem, Nathan & Ronit)..."


"Feedback of love to Doby and Itzik, our agents in Bulgaria: We met by chance a charming and professional couple! They are there for us "behind the scenes" providing a professional response at all levels to our requests. He knows how to adapt himself to us exactly and all this with an endless smile and pleasantness. Next to him, we met the woman with him, the tour guide who had joined us for the whole trip. Carefully and assertively she took care of every detail of our journey. In just one day she knew exactly what our journey was and what it needed to be perfect. And indeed it was perfect. And these are precisely the reasons we go back to work with them over and over again. We have zero worries and perfect security that there are those who take care of us. Thank you very very very much, Clarissa, Land Spirit Woman ..."


"Hi itzik Last night I spoke on behalf of the whole group and now I want to thank you personally. We began discussing the tour without knowing each other and very quickly I got to know you. I loved your work style - that you answer immediately and tailor-made a “suit to measure”. From that I understood you are a professional tour operator. According to our friends' comments, everyone was satisfied with everything and of course the hotels and especially the track and the sites you chose for us and for all this I would like to say personally and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Alex and thank you again Alex ..."