Bulgaria - Northern Greece

Explore Macedonia, The Land of Alexander the Great, a unique journey through 7000 years of Greek History and Greek Landscape

  • Thessaloniki – we will have a tour of the city that includes its iconic White Tower, Alexander Square, the Arch of Galerius, St. Demetrius of Thessaloniki Church,  Hagia Sophia, the Old Fortress overlooking the city, the old Jewish Quarter, etc. You can visit the Archaeological Museum to browse through its Macedonian and Hellenistic relics, including the impressive collection of ancient jewellery and pottery, stroll along the beachfront promenade with a break in one of its numerous cafeterias or fish restaurants, immerse in the atmosphere of the traditional Modiano Market  or enjoy a traditional show in one of Ladadika’s taverns.


  • Edessa – A city with waterfalls, plane trees and water nymphs. You’ll discover seven waterfalls. Famous Keranos drops 70m among plane trees that were seeded centuries hence. You’ll be spellbound as the magical mist envelops the verdant park, especially when lit up at night.
  • Veria - the second most significant town, after Aigai, during the blooming ancient Macedonian years and an important possession later for the Romans, too. Built on the foothills of Mt. Vermion and crossed by the River Tripotamo, Veria is famous also for the preaches of St. Paul the Apostle in the 1st AD and the fact that its citizens are among the first Christians in the Roman Empire. From the 11th to the 14th century it was the third most important city of the Byzantine Empire, after Constantinople (Istanbul) and Thessaloniki. Today, 48 Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches and a lot of museums can be seen in the city centre as well as the well-preserved 19th-century Synagogue in the Jewish quarter.
  • Vergina - you will learn everything about the first capital of the Macedonian Kingdom which used to be called "Aiges" in ancient times. Explore the fascinating royal tombs of King Philip II, father of Alexander the Great. Stroll Inside the magnificent palace, richly decorated with mosaics and visit the museum/tomb complex to admire the burial artefacts such as gold jewellery, weapons, religious objects and the Gold Larnax found at the grave containing the remains of King Philip II on display.
  • Pella – an ancient capital and birthplace of Alexander the Great – wander through time along one of the biggest ancient agoras and exquisite mosaic floors.
  • Meteora - a visit to this holy spiritual location cannot be missed. You will be impressed by these spectacular rock formations hosting ancient monasteries built at astonishing heights up in the cliffs and by the legends behind these sacred places.
  • Halkidiki - the most popular tourist destination in northern Greece, consisting of three small headlands, known as the three legs of Halkidiki Greece - Kassandra and Sithonia with  their fabulous beaches of fine white sand and crystal-clear water Mount Athos -a close monastic community where the entrance is allowed only to men and after a special permission.
  • Sandanski - finish your trip by spending overnight in an SPA hotel, where you can relax in a luxury atmosphere with the hot mineral water.

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