This ancient town with millennia-old history is situated on a romantic rocky peninsula, connected to the mainland via a narrow isthmus. Valuable monuments from all stages of its long existence are preserved here. The most celebrated landmark of the town is the numerous old Byzantine and Bulgarian churches. The church of St. Sofia, known as the Old Metropolitan church, and the church of Virgin Eleusa, situated on the northern shore, are three-aisled basilicas dating back to the early Byzantine period from 5th to 6th cc. The church of St. John the Baptist from 11th c is distinguished for its cylinder dome and St. Stephen’s church is remarkable for its frescoes from 16th c.

Before becoming a highly frequented place for Bulgarian and international tourists, Nessebar was a small fishing village with a beautiful fish restaurants, owned by local people. The unique thing about these traditional places was the magnificent sea views. Often, pesky gulls landed on the tables of the dumbfounded customers and captured a piece of small fish, flying away satisfied with its prey.

Nessebar represents excellent historical value for Bulgaria. Today the old part of the town is an attractive place for romantic walks along the narrow cobbled streets, among the little shops offering handcrafted souvenirs – pottery, crocheting, and jewellery. The magnificent ancient ambience is the background for an unforgettable holiday opportunity.

The Nessebar Archaeological Museum invites visitors to get a better understanding of the town's rich past. The museum was founded in 1956 and has four exhibition halls filled with items such as ancient stone anchors that date back to the 12th century BC, silver coin treasure, sculptures, marble votive tablets, jewellery, pottery, and much more.

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