Eagle Eye

What did we call Eagle's Eye? It is a place for sightseeing, a large platform built at 1563 m above the sea level, next to the St. Ilia peak in the Rhodope mountains. Eagle's Eye is about two and a half hours far from  Plovdiv and one hour more if you are starting from Sofia.

You can combine your trip with the visit to the village of Yagodina and the famous Yagodinska cave, as they are very close to this place and the journey starts from Yagodina. Our company is offering lovely off-road Jeep tour. Before reaching the viewpoint, you can enjoy the spectacular panorama, affords the Buynovsko gorge.  We also provide a more extended trip through the Gorge of Trigrad including a stop for photos, and tea.

The excellent sightseeing spot reveals stunning views of the gorge and the nearby communities, as well as the Bulgarian and Greek mountains and peaks in the distance. You may be lucky to spot a golden eagle or wild goats who are among the most attractive inhabitants of this part of the Rhodope.When you are on Eagle's eye, you feel like you are at the top of the world. There is something mystical at this place.

If you want to come and visit Eagle's Eye, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our professional team will make your tour unforgettable.