Devil's Throat

Devil's Throat Cave is located in the mountain  Rhodopes in Bulgaria, near its border to Greece. A popular tourist attraction, Devil's Throat branches from the Trigrad.

It is an authentic place and one of the most mystical caves worldwide. Devil throat Cave is different from the other caves. What attracts and fascinates people is that they can experience the real feeling of the mysterious and dreadful underworld. The cave entrance is resembling a devil’s head, in the throat of which there is a vast waterfall. You can feel the mystic and even explore the legends there.

One of the most popular legends about this stunning underworld is the legend of Orpheus and Eurydice. When young and beautiful Eurydice – Orpheus’s wife died after a snakebite, Orpheus, determined to get her back, went into the underworld of Hades. Legends say that this place is precisely the Devil’s Throat. Impressed by the incredible melodious creation by Orpheus’s lyre, Hades finally agreed to return his wife, Eurydice to the world of the living. The condition was that Orpheus need to climb to the upper world without turning his head back.Few meters before reaching the ground, Orpheus looked again to make sure that Eurydice follows him and at that moment her shadow disappears in front of him forever. After losing Eurydice, his beloved wife for a second time, Orpheus felt discouraged. They say that his tears formed a spring, which today can be seen in the Devil’s Throat cave.

The Devil’s Throat cave is a deep and straight cave. The Trigradska’s river waters are poured into the “throat” from a height of 42 meters, forming the highest underground waterfall on the Balkan Peninsula.

Because of the incredible roar that is created by the waterfall noise the vast room is called the Rumbling room. It is enormous – the second most abundant cave hall in Bulgaria. At about 400 meters from the entrance, the river’s water is lost in a syphon. The length of the syphon is more than 150 meters, and after a 60-meter gallery the underground river goes out of the cave and return to the surface through another cave.

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