Embraced by this age-old pine-tree forest,  Velingrad awaits you with its more than 90 mineral springs of different temperature and content spread at an altitude of about 800m in the Rodopi mountains. Its mild climate of 10 degrees Celsius annual temperature and about 2000 hours of sunshine make the SPA center of the Balkans a favourite climatic and balneological retreat both in winter and summer.  The proximity of Sofia, Plovdiv, Borovets, Dospat, etc. only adds to its value of a favourite long-stay holiday place.

Velingrad is founded in 1948 after the unification between the villages Chepino, Ladzhene and Kamenitsa.

  • Mineral water facilities

The mineral water in Velingrad has a favourable influence upon the locomotor system, neurological disorders, gynaecological problems and many others. Due to the continuous tourist flow and the tremendous interest, the public mineral baths was modernised, and 22 open and covered mineral swimming pools were built. With its a 40 hotels and holiday homes, two sanatoriums, 140 catering and entertainment establishment this city has a high capacity to meet its guests.

  • History Museum

One of the exciting place in Velingrad is the History Museum. Along with a large number of historical exhibits, it can be seen one of the wealthiest expositions of painted Easter eggs in Bulgaria.

There are many natural landmarks in Velingrad and around it. At a distance of 35 km from the town, near the village of Pobit Kamak is situated a rock formation with the same name. The form of the coarse-grain granite resembles the Russian dolls.

  • The Yundola resort

The Yundola resort is situated 16 km from Velingrad. It is a right place for winter and summer tourism.

  • The Lepenitsa cave

The Lepenitsa cave is also located 13 km south-west of Velingrad. The cave is 1525 long, and it has two galleries, underground river and lakes. For the visitors, it is interesting to see the variety of stalactites, stalagmites, columns, and stone curtains, which reflect in the crystal-clear water of the lake. One thing among the richness of the cave is the cave pearls, and the cave craters – something unique for Bulgaria.

In Velingrad, there are more than 40 hotels and holiday homes, two sanatoriums, 140 catering and entertainment establishments. The public mineral baths are modernised, and 22 open and covered mineral swimming pools are built.

Some of the spring waters are used for the water supply of Velingrad, the fish breeding pond and other residential needs. Some of the spring waters supply two beautiful artificial lakes which are among the most popular spots for rest and recreation among the guests and inhabitants of the resort town. There are available at the lake and several restaurants around it.

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