Varna is the third largest city in Bulgaria, located on the Black Sea coast near the Gulf of Varna. It is known as the maritime capital of the country and is the home of the Bulgarian Navy.

  • Sea Garden

The Sea Garden is one of the symbols of Varna. Its beautiful and breeze alleys emplaced across the seaside are 10 km long. The garden was established in the 19th century by Anton Novak, a famous gardener in the palaces Schonborn and Belvedere in Vienna.

  • Archaeological Museum

One place that is good to visit in the city is the Archaeological Museum of Varna. It is famous for being the location where the Varna Necropolis treasure is located, the oldest gold jewellery in the world that dates back to 5000 BC.

  • The Roman Baths

It is impressive to visit Roman Baths complex, the 4th largest in Europe where you can even see the shops that were once located just outside the baths. They date back to the time when the region was a part of the Roman Empire, and the settlement was called Odessos. The preserved parts of the building give grounds to believe that the Roman Baths were one of the most significant buildings in the eastern part of the Empire and a proof for the wealth and importance of the town.

  • Varna Cathedral

Varna Cathedral is the oldest in Bulgaria, dating to 1886 and is the most significant cathedral on the Black Sea coast. It is the residence of the bishopric of Varna and Preslav and is one of the symbols of the city. It contains some hands painted icons and scenes from the life of Jesus that are worth seeing.
You can enjoy the splendid view from the bell tower, but you have to climb up the narrow and spiral staircase of 133 steps.

  • Festival and Congress Center

Varna is a world-famous venue for congresses, conferences, scientific and business forums. There are multifunctional halls, and modern hotels are the city and the beach resorts north of Varna. The Festival and Congress Center offer one of the most modern facilities in Varna. The big hall seating 1000 is equipped with sophisticated projection, audio equipment and simultaneous interpretation system in several languages. The Festival and Congress Centre also offer a smaller hall seating 250, a cafe-theatre, room 100 and a new press-centre. 

  • Dolphinarium

It is the only Dolphinarium on the Balkan Peninsula, and it is one of the greatest attractions that Varna can offer to its guests. The show lasts 40 minutes. The visitors will enjoy the incredible intelligence and playfulness of the sea mammals. A curious fact is that in 1992 a baby-dolphin was born in the Dolphinarium in Varna. The event was a sign that the animals feel at home in their surroundings.

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